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About Us

At King Supply, your happiness is our #1 priority.

The King Supply crew are crazy about our 3D Paper Art. We love designing, testing, and building new and fun designs. We decided to take our at home  3D paper hobby and offer our complete designs printed on composite cardboard so others could join in on the fun of building! 

Before us, there were no online stores offering complete, printed designs without the need to find coloured paper and download and print at home. Not only that, at home printers do not allow you to print on cardboard stock as thick as what we use, so when purchasing from us, you get a much stronger, more sturdy 3D mask than anything you could make with an at-home printer. 

We've designed and built them all, from giant Pumpkins, to T-Rex masks, and our current catalog is a selection of our favorites. We know you’ll enjoy building and wearing your mask so much we have an in-store satisfaction guarantee. 

Our masks can be used for Halloween, costume parties, or any event where you want to add a special flare or get a laugh. You can also be creative and use them as a lamp, hang them on the wall, or paint them to your liking and use them as an at home decoration. Send your creative ideas to our instagram @kingsupplyshop or our email and we would love to feature your work! 

Please note, beware of knock off sellers. We do not sell on Amazon or to online re-sellers, so make sure to shop at King Supply to insure you’re getting the top quality, original designs. If you see us in a store, make sure to ask if it’s a true King Supply design! 

If you have any questions or to just say hello, shoot us a message at 

Meet Jared, He's our lead team moral support specialist. He mostly makes coffee and pulls pranks on everyone. But don't worry, even with Jared in the office we still get work done around here (and send your orders out within 12 hours).